Travel photography is probably the biggest inspiration on most of the social media channels specially Instagram. It has led to tens of millions of Insta followers for the most passionate travelers who inspire us with their experiences. Some people are bitten by wanderlust while some are purely chasing beautiful photo memories.

I've decided to celebrate this beautiful world by dedicating an article to all those who have not only achieved a colossal list of followers through their amazing travel experiences but also have motivated and inspired people to live their dreams. Here is a list of trailblazers that you should definitely follow...

1. Worldwanderlust

She says “everything you can imagine is real” and her pictures of the places she travels to, epitomize that in possibly the best way. Macaroon lovers can relate to this profile in all-the-more fascinating and beautiful way. Follow her and you will be delighted to know how heavenly wonderful places exist in this world. Follow here

2. Everchanginghorizon

They say “sky is the limit” - he says there is no limit to anything and portrays this through his travel pictures. While everybody enjoys the destination, this guy makes even a journey to that destination surreal and delightful. Follow here

3. Danielkordan

A surreal hybrid of travel and photography. You get glimpses of two autumns in a year, Hogwarts Express train filmed in Harry Potter and a splendor of nature you will just fall in love with. You can actually experience the expeditions he organizes and explore some amazing places. Follow here

4. Shenaztreasury

Shenaz gracefully combines travel, fashion and lifestyle. She amazes her followers by beautifully presenting countless diversities and cultures across the world. Traveling is indeed magical for her. Follow here

5. Thetravelmusee

Indonesia, Scotland, Japan, Italy, name a place and he shows you the best spots. It will be hard to argue the whole “world never sleeps” thing looking at this blissful profile. The pictures are absolutely postcard perfect and would tempt the hell out of you to just travel right away. Follow here

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6. Bruisedpassports

This beautiful couple takes their journeys virtually to all their followers with sheer love and personal touch. They make sure you enjoy their posts as much as they enjoy capturing and sharing them. Follow here

7. Jayalvarrez

His worldwide experiences range from a near death moment to a high adrenaline to an invincible feeling to feeling on top of the world. Every post is worth following and makes you stalk every picture in his profile because they are not just pictures, they are literally moments he actually lived. Follow here

8. Jamesasquithtravel

Youngest person to visit every country over 5 years. Woah! Now that’s something. A walk through is just a click away. Press the follow button because words won’t be enough to describe his massive experiences and lovely places you would not even have thought existed. Follow here

9. Passionpassport

 You never really know what is round that corner until you reach that corner. This will produce a drive inside you to just take your passports out take off to explore all the temptations you see across this vibrant profile. The combinations portrayed of skies, sky scrapers and mother nature are just to die for. Follow here

10. Lonelyplanet

Want to travel but don’t know how to actually enjoy the world? This is the right place to shortlist your destinations best suitable to your interest across the globe. Feeling lost in life! Take yourself to your happy place. This is what you feel while going through such postcards. Follow here

Having said the above, it's also important to note that every travel therapy should be covered by travel insurance.