Euro-trip is a lifetime experience for Indians and the last thing one would like to associate with such a trip is an unpleasant experience of injury, sickness, theft or other such hassles. While nobody can plan for such things, what we can certainly do is to remain aware of our surroundings and follow some simple safety precautions. If you are a solo, female traveler, you should read a collection of tips offered by female travel experts. Most such precautionary steps are just practical, common sense.

1. Localize

Blend in with the locals and do not deliberately try to stand out with flashy clothes and jewelry as you would not want to give signals to unwanted people. When traveling alone, make sure you ask locals about the places and streets to stay away from. Learn to pick up the local words or use some handy Apps such as Google Translate to help you communicate better. Locals not only help you with practical tips to stay safe but also provide tips that save money. You can read more such practical tips to reduce travel costs here.

Learn to speak local words to connect with locals.

2. Carry Security wallets

Beware of pickpockets - it is not just common in India but also some tourist destinations in Europe like Paris, Rome, Florence, and Barcelona. Women should try to avoid loose purses and men should avoid wallets in their back pockets. All the important valuable stuff should be left at the hotel as much as possible. Only in unavoidable circumstances should they be secured in a sturdy wallet.

One way people usually adopt is to keep the security wallet under their t-shirt in a way that it doesn’t bulge out.


3. Stay Alert

You should always stay alert of the Vespas that could be a team of snatchers in areas of heavy foot traffic, cardboard carrying kids that could pick you clean and women with over swaddled babies that could have their eye on your wallet.

4. Ask for ID

Always ask for an ID if approached by a stranger in some unrecognized uniform. A lot of people seem very friendly at first but can get very sticky once you entertain them with a conversation.

In an extreme case, when it turns out to be a mugging attempt, just let go of all your money and walk away as fast as you can. Don't take undue risks when you can settle it with the cash in your wallet.

5. Safety Apps

Download some very helpful safety apps on your mobiles like iJET’s Worldcue and Allianz TravelSmart that provide quick connections to hotline numbers in case of emergencies and nearby list of hospitals by detecting your precise location.

Keep the local contact list of authorities handy in your mobile phone.

6. Invest in a travel insurance

Last but not the least, do invest in a travel insurance policy that covers loss of passport and provides emergency cash in case of theft. While these policies will not restore your lost valuables, they will at least provide a financial backup to get through such episodes. You can chat with our smart and friendly travel insurance bot, Arvi to find you the best insurance plan in 3 minutes.

Do have a look at the safety and security protocols of the country you are visiting. Keep these basic things in mind and you're likely to have a safe trip. Stay safe and create some wonderful memories!

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