The last thing on anyone's mind while going on a trip is travel insurance. After all, when one is so engrossed in packing stuff and excited about the upcoming trip, who cares about something as boring as travel insurance!

And if you find yourself in a situation when you are on an airport without insurance and need it as quickly as possible or even when you are applying for visa and want to buy travel insurance that is mandatory in some countries, wouldn't it be great if you could just take your mobile out and buy insurance in 3 minutes?







But wait a second! How would you buy the right insurance product that suits your needs in such a short time? After all, a right travel insurance product depends on major factors like destination of travel, number of travelers, duration and purpose of travel.

Insurance coverage is not one size fits all. Getting a right insurance that is personalized to your needs needs some analysis.

Purpose of travel defines the type of cover you need. If you are going on a short business trip then protection against medical emergency might not be as important as protection against flight delays or trip cancellations.

Your travel destination determines the medical sum insured for your policy. If you are going on an extended trip to countries with high healthcare costs, covering emergency medical expenses becomes a top priority. Below chart gives you a sense of how costly emergency healthcare can be in certain countries. Worst part for us Indians is that most of these expensive countries also have an expensive exchange rate viz-a-viz India.


Higher the medical expenses in a given country, higher should be the sum insured to protect one from financial losses in case of an emergency.

Airlines also significantly contribute to travel risk - more than most people realize. Airlines with lot of operational issues such as flight delays or baggage loss tend to increase your travel risk. You need to analyze your airline track record to estimate the need for travel insurance that covers trip disruptions.

Travel risks increase as trip duration, number of travelers and age of travelers increase. This increase will not be linear but based on complex actuarial models used by insurers.

Hang on now! We don't want to scare you by making all this sound very complicated. Infact we are working every single day to make insurance one of the easiest decisions in your life. You can chat with Arvi, our smart and intelligent virtual insurance assistant to know the best travel plans that are truly personalized to your requirement.


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