How to Manage Parental Healthcare While Living Abroad?

Oct 01, 2019

Apart from the struggles that working in a foreign country pose like lifestyle conformity and professional hindrances, there is another paramount struggle that needs to be addressed: taking care of elderly parents living in another country. Almost every NRI, like a caring child, urges their parents to come and reside with them. On the parents’ part, the journey of leaving their permanent homes for a new country at such an age is an unfavorable and daunting task.

The children are, in most cases, left with no option but to take care of their aging parents from a remote location. To the children’s ease, most aspects can be managed and achieved efficiently from a foreign location: financial adequacy, parents’ companionship, house maintenance to name a few. Whereas, there is one crucial facet that requires a lot of vigilance and supervision in which most NRIs feel challenged: Parental Healthcare.

Living abroad, it is indeed a fight to efficiently take care of parents’ health even though you have the resources available. In this article, we go through the obstacles that an NRI might face when concerned with the healthcare of parents in India. We also discuss the solutions appropriate for each challenge.

Inconvenience in health check-ups

Most elderly parents find it inconvenient to visit the medical facility for a regular health check-up. Lack of a dedicated health administrator makes it further difficult to keep a regular check on the health vitals. The problem at hand can be deftly solved by partnering with a dedicated health manager or home care agency. The health manager ensures that the vitals are checked on a regular basis and the results are looked over by a doctor. The health patterns are studied month over month and any anomalies are looked into in detail.

Untimely medicine purchase

The children sometimes ensure that the parents hire a full-time housemaid with the hope that the timely purchase of medicines will be taken care of. But in many cases in the past have made it apparent that there are many loopholes and errors associated with domestic help in the parental healthcare area. Also, the parents are busy in their day to day lives, and sometimes they forget to keep the track or pay no attention to the punctual procurement of the medicines.

With the advent of many online medicine delivery systems, the solution that deems favorable to this problem is to enroll into a pharmacy delivery system and schedule doorstep delivery of medicines on a timely basis. Opt for a delivery system that also offers regular reminders for medicine purchases so that the schedule becomes lag-free. AskArvi has partnered with these companies and ensures the prescription delivery is taken care of as a part of our plan.

Monitoring the daily health

Timely medicine purchase and health check-ups are important but older people struggle in keeping their diet and nutrition under control. This is a great worry for the children abroad. To prevent any medical emergency and to keep the nutrition and fitness in check, it is imperative to maintain an all-time health monitor that prevents any divergence from the prescribed diet and fitness routine. The health monitor is an IoT device that records and analyzes health using special algorithms. In turn, it alerts the user whenever any health disturbance takes place.

Medical Emergency

Any episode of medical emergency can make the children living abroad quite anxious and helpless. In such moments, the availability of solutions marginally decreases for both the children and the parents. And in cases where no loved one resides close to the parent, it can become a crisis for support and care. Even if the parents are a couple, it is perplexing for the other person to call an ambulance and get all the medical formalities right.

In such a scenario, it is necessary to hire a medical emergency service for the elderly that can take charge of the situation: from calling an ambulance to the proper discharge of the patient. The company should be adept in understanding the patient’s requirements and getting the right doctor who specializes in the particular field that the situation calls for. Moreover, certain healthcare companies also understand and undertake complete paperwork in the hospital including that of insurance review and claim processing.

Understanding an unknown medical situation

In medical emergencies, the patient needs to visit the hospital on an urgent basis but there are certain minor incidents when the patient doesn’t know about the problem. The situation is not too grave to visit the hospital but not even minor enough to ignore it. Instead, the patient seeks to understand and manage the condition with proper prescription for the medicines. The children are in the predicament that had they been near the parents, they would have understood and tackled the situation.

Arvi has a network of doctors which the Healthcare Manager can recommend for any medical specialization. In addition to that, the Healthcare Manager can recommend doctors not in Arvi’s network as well. In short, they can help with the tedious process of finding a doctor, ensuring the root cause is detected and provide peace of mind to the parents and the children.