Indians are increasingly discovering this beautiful city that seemingly looks like its stuck in a time warp. Everything looks the way it probably was 500 years ago. Cobble stone streets surrounded by medieval style buildings provide a perfect setting that looks straight out of Game of Thrones.

Here are 5 things Indian travelers cannot miss on that next trip to this wonderful city.

#1 Change of guard - Prague Castle

One of the largest ancient castles in the world & one of the prettiest too !! Enjoy a royal affair exploring the castle, change of guards and its beautiful gardens.

#2 Romantic walk along the Charles Bridge

Get lost in the mesmerizing beauty and street music while you take a walk past the 30 statues and a crucifix along this stone bridge built 500 years ago. A walk along this bridge is so much different from what we experience in India.

#3 The Praha Beers

When in Praha, you drink Beer – Go for an Unlimited Beer Tour to some of the finest microbreweries serving cheap but tasty beer.

#4 Selfie at the John Lennon Wall

Selfie Addicts and Beatles fans - You must have selfie at the famous John Lennon Wall

#4 Christmas markets are special

Shopping Alert !! The Christmas Market and the Mulled Hot Wine on the street side are a must have if you are visiting Prague in the Winter months

#5 The yummy Trdelnik 

Here's a truly unique pastry that you won't find even in the best Indian bakery. Imagine grilled dough in a cylindrical shape coated with sugar containing ice cream of your choice- sounds yummy, isn't it? Well, you'll just fall in love with this famous street food in Prague.

#6 Science class.. an old astronomical clock

Catch the world’s oldest operating astronomical clock every hour with 12 apostles passing through the window right above the astronomical dial.

#5 A lazy boat ride on the Vltava river

How many times do you get to take a boat ride that gives you a glimpse of the 15'th century? Taking a laid back ride that gives you the best view of old town and Prague castle is simply fantabulous.

There is a lot more to Prague than what we can write here. Trust us guys, this is your best chance for time travel. If you ever plan to make this trip, you will need to get a travel insurance. Chat with Arvi to make the smartest and fastest travel insurance decision.