Top 10 reasons you need to systematically track your parent's health

senior care Oct 28, 2019

There is no measuring unit that could weigh the compassion and love parents feel for their kids and we know you want to return the same gesture of gratitude to your parents.However, it becomes really difficult if you stay someplace else, especially outside the country. Your generous hard work has finally paid off and you are achieving greater things in life by settling abroad. But, we do understand when you say you are worried about the health of your parents. You have also considered taking them with you, however, uprooting them from their safe place is not what you want. So, what’s the solution? Your hectic job won’t allow you to travel to India regularly, neither does coming home once or twice a year, solve the everyday problems they come across. The dilemma is for real. How about tracking your parents’ health remotely?

Seems like an impossible job, but we assure you it is not. Plus, we are the millennials, if we have a problem, we also have a ‘hack’ for these. This generation is blessed with powerful technology, look how impeccable the journey has turned out to be. From self-driving cars to drones and robots. Could we take a slight help from this powerful technology to keep our parents safe? The question is why not avail a system that monitors the health of your parents while you are away? Let’s find out why you need to track your parent's health systematically?

Think rationally

Listing down 10 reasons that will convince you that your parents need a constant parental healthcare system and how we can help you along. You know your mother will never bother you with her knee pain and your father tries to be strong but his blood pressure fluctuates every now and then. Your mind is convinced that they need a full-time caregiver but you are worried that you don’t know that individual personally. Now, think of a digitized process with full visibility regarding your parents' health. We are not saying a robot as a caregiver, but a mix of technology and human touch to take care of their health by a dedicated Health Care Manager who would visit your parents regularly and use technology that will give you visibility about their health. So, what are the benefits?

Regular checkups

The body is like a machine and with time, a machine undergoes wear and tear. Your parents need to have regular checkups in order to keep them active and avoid serious illnesses.Regular checks help with early detection of illnesses. This will increase the chances of a cure.We will help schedule regular checkups for your parents and provide those results digitally. Also, we make keeping records of all checkups very easy with our technology..

Well-planned home visits

Mobility can be a great issue with aging parents. Also, factors like fear or hesitation to visit a doctor, money constraints can play a major role in neglecting a happy living. Scheduling regular health check-ups will keep away health issues and help take preemptive care where needed.

Emergency contact number

Your parents must be entitled to an emergency contact number. Easily accessible and quick reach to any medical emergency must be the top priority of any person. You don’t want to keep your parents in trouble during the crisis. Alarming conditions can happen anytime and having an emergency contact number, in this case a Health Relationship Manager, handy would ease their feeling of helplessness.

Insurance cover

Old age tends to grow on everyone, your parents fall sick more than before and you need to be ready for any major expenses with a robust Insurance cover. You can’t afford to not have a health insurance policy for your parents. We will help you choose the most comprehensive insurance coverage for your parents based on their health conditions and needs.

Live worry free

Their medical bills, treatments, medicines, health records are all taken care by our Health Relationship Manager. So, they don’t need to do such things on their own which is hectic and time-consuming. You don’t need your parents to engage in such tiring procedures.

Pharmacy Delivery

Medical prescription and pharmacy is one hectic job that needs to be maintained We collaborate with pharmacies and ensure that the medications reach them on regular basis as prescribed by the doctor. We remove the hassle of giving the prescription to the pharmacy, going for refills, etc.Medicines delivered at home can put an end to the suffering that your parents come across repetitively.

Next to Family

Our Health Relationship Managers are assigned to provide your parents the personalized care just like you would. We are responsible to take care of your parents and their healthcare needs. You can rely on our healthcare relationship mangers as they believe in providing the best that your parents deserve. We try and be next to family in the absence of your safeguard.

Maintain a healthy diet

While growing up, your parents might tell you to have a balanced diet but possibly they themselves don’t follow it now. Regular health checkups, monitoring of vitals like blood sugar, blood pressure etc. can help parents keep a check on their diet. Food is an essential part of healthcare and it affects the living thus a diet can control the healthy being of an individual.

Boosting morale

If you know you are fit, your attitude towards life is only enhanced. Similarly, for parents, if they know they are healthy and hearty, they can enjoy their life. It would boost their confidence and help them continue a regular daily schedule.

You are relaxed

Finally, if all this is taken care of by a certain dependable group of people, you feel relaxed. All the required information will directly reach to you digitally and you can constantly monitor their health.

Askarvi is one such platform that caters to all your parental healthcare needs. You feel close to home with this platform, taking care of your parents. With various other benefits, you know your parents are in good hands with expert medical attention by professionals. It is a complete health management platform, specifically for serving the most experienced people of the society.

Sushant Reddy

Sushant is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about transforming senior heatlhcare in India