Entrepreneurs need health insurance the most but are least likely to buy one. Talk about ironies in life :)
In this article, we explain why every entrepreneur needs to plan health insurance seriously.

Entrepreneurs are strange as they thrive in a risky environment professionally. They are so passionate about their current venture that they simply refuse to look at risks at a personal level. General thinking goes like this - 'let me worry about health premium once I make some money. For now its an expense I can easily cut down because I have other immediate priorities'.Here are the reasons why ‘health insurance’ is an absolute must for every entrepreneur.

Tight liquidity

Unless you are a Mark Zuckerberg, it is extremely likely that you are tight on liquid cash/savings. Too much cash gets spent on building your business and too little stays back in your bank account. Entrepreneurs are much less prepared for sudden medical emergencies than their salaried peers because of the uncertainty of steady income. Unfortunate accidents can lead to really awkward situations where one is forced to borrow from friends and relatives.

Increasing healthcare costs

A minor surgery today in urban areas costs northwards of Rs 75,000 and like everything else in India, this cost is only going up with time. Healthcare inflation in India has been between 15-18%, much higher than annual salary growth that has been around 10%. When it comes to health insurance, cost of procrastination is real.


No Corporate health cover

Unlike your friends who are working in large companies, you don't have a privilege of an employer cover. You have made a choice of making it big on your own and hence you need to be good at your health planning. More than capital and resources, your personal health is the biggest asset for any entrepreneur.

Having a good insurance with cashless coverage at major hospitals ensures early and tension-free treatment when you need it. And the best thing is that good health cover comes for as cheap as 3000 bucks.