What is parental healthcare?
As millennials, we know very little about how our parents actually are. Most of us find it difficult to objectively monitor their health outcomes on an ongoing basis. Parental healthcare is a combination of preventive care, assistance during emergencies, insurance & claim support and access to best healthcare providers .
Why do I need to signup?
If you are anxious about managing healthcare of parents, you should consider signing up for our service. Our team provides systematic healthcare management service that leads to better health outcomes.
How is it different from a family member doing this?
Very different. First, family members don't follow a systematic approach interms of regular checkups, reminders etc. Second, a trained healthcare professional has a better access to care providers than a family member. Third, our team's expertise across hospital management, insurance, emergency assistance will be invaluable during health complications
How do I track the outcomes?
We see you as a partner in helping us improve health outcomes for your parents. Your support & nudge to your parents to stick to the program is the biggest factor for better outcomes. Our team will share regular updates on health status & flag any issues that need immediate attention. All our visits, checkups are documented on our platform with detailed timestamps.
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