What does comprehensive checkup include?
Our comprehensive health checkup is the most exhaustive senior citizen diagnostic check. We test over 81 parameters that include blood, liver, thyroid, lipid tests. Our health manager will schedule a home visit by phlebotomist to collect blood & urine samples. We send lab test reports to a doctor for observations and arrange a doctor-on-call to explain observations to parents
How will test results be shared with me?
Test results are documented on our platform and a 1-page summary with key observations and their impact on general health will be sent to you over an email. You can request a call with our healthcare manager for a more detailed understanding of lab report data
How do you digitize health history of my parents
Unfortunately, healthcare in India is all paper based. From prescriptions to reports, healthcare documentation can get pretty complex very quickly. Having all documents easily accessible is an invaluable asset during hospitalization episodes. Everything from treatment to claim processing moves very quickly when documents are indexed and arranged systematically. Our data team at Arvidoes exactly that. We ask our health manager to scan all documents and upload on our platform. Once on the platform, our data team digitizes every record and indexes them with detailed timestamps. We also create a physical case-file for each parent and make it readily available to our emergency response team during emergencies.
What does healthcare manager check on monthly basis?
Healthcare managers carry a portable 'vital collection' device on monthly visit. Every month, our managers will record 10 vitals including blood pressure, blood oxygen, ECG etc and record it on our platform. Our smart algorithms detect significant deviations from normal and will flag an alert to our healthcare managers. We then review the observations in greater detail and arrange for a 'doctor-on-call' or appropriate healthcare intevernation.
What devices are installed to track my parent's health?
We use IoT devices to monitor sleep & activity levels of your parent. We install a sleep tracking device under the mattress to track sleep patterns, restlesness and sleep apnea (very common among seniors). We track activity levels using a Fitbit HR wearable device. We track number of steps, calories burnt and heart rate. Both these devices help us analyze good & bad health days and proactively engage parents on the not-so-good days. All our devices are pre-configured and actively managed by our health manager. We only expect parent's to charge these devices without worrying about day-to-day management
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