Dedicated health manager to track your parent's health outcomes

We appoint a trained healthcare professional for a comprehensive

Signup your parents

How it works

Our health manager will be a single point contact for all healthcare needs


Schedule an appointment

Health manager meets parents at-home


Understand health history

Health manager conducts a detailed health assessment.


Conduct monthly visits

Monthly visits to record health vitals and review outcomes.


Schedule appointments

schedule appointments with doctors, hospitals,home care specialists etc.

Key highlights

  1. Continuous tracking leads to better understanding of health history
  2. Personalized care with dedicated engagement
  3. Connects with the right care provider at the right time
  4. Prepares monthly health reports that will be shared via email
  5. Schedules appointments for second opinions, OPD consultations
  6. Sends pharmacy reminders and arranges for at-home delivery
  7. Co-ordinates care during emergencies & planned surgeries
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