Tracking devices to monitor daily activity

We setup IoT devices for monitoring sleep & activity patterns

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How it works

Remote monitoring via IoT devices


Install pre-configured devices

Health manager pre-configures devices for easy usage


Active monitoring

Device data is recorded and analyzed using smart algorithms.


Alerts and interventions

Health manager alerts parents incase of significant diversions


Periodic reporting

Track outcomes with summarized reports

Key highlights

  1. Devices used are Fitbit HR for activity tracking, Dozee for sleep tracking and Scanbo for health vitals tracking
  2. All devices are pre-configured for easy usage
  3. Data is monitored to track any anamolies and diversions
  4. Timely alerts are setup for a follow-up by health manager.
  5. Doctor-on-call service gets triggered on specific anamolies (sleep restlessness and changes in respiratory patterns)
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