Trust & Safety

Senior healthcare is about compassion & patience

At Arvi, we believe in investing time, energy and resources to continuously monitor and improve health outcomes of your parents. We do realize that this job needs a lot of commitment, compassion & consistency. A big part of this is ensuring that we hire exceptional healthcare professionals and invest in a rigorous training program.

Arvi follows a rigorous screening process to hire top-class healthcare managers

Our screening

Strong healthcare background

We make sure that all our health managers are graduates in pharmacy, dental and nursing backgrounds with a strong understanding of preventive healthcare.

Background checks

We run comprehensive criminal background checks on our all healthcare managers. We also contact past clients and employers to collect their references and work history.

Rigorous training

Health managers undergo extensive training conducted by healthcare experts across primary, secondary & tertiary care

What our health managers do

  • Check-ups
    Monitor vitals over periodic checkups
  • Match
    Match best doctors for specific parent condition
  • Schedule
    Schedule second opinions and other appointments
  • Remind
    Monitor adherence to regular medicine
  • Emergencies
    Help with hospital administration & discharge
  • Guide
    Help manage chronic care
  • Coordinate
    Prep for planned surgeries
  • Review
    Review existing insurance for coverage gaps
  • Process claims
    Coordinate with insurance company to process claims
  • Answer questions
    Get answers to all healthcare questions
  • Save
    Find the right care at right cost for your needs
  • Motivate
    Motivate parents to achieve better outcomes

Our health managers will be a one-point contact for all your health needs

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